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A History of Success Based on Personal Service

Tony Racioppo
SDS traces its roots to 1943, when it was founded by John J. Racioppo as a local trucking company. In 1962, John J. Racioppo passed the one-truck business on to his brother Anthony J. Racioppo after he was hired by one of his long time clients.
In 1974, Anthony was offered a position at the same company as John and they decided to incorporate and bring a new driver on board.
In 1976, John J. Racioppo called on his son Tony, who had been working in public accounting for several years, to run the business. Early the following year, Tony brought his cousin John R. Racioppo (Anthony's son) aboard. Together the two worked hard to grow the business, carefully following the service-oriented, customer-first philosophy their fathers' instilled in them.

Today, the business is known as SDS Global Logistics, and the company has grown from a one-man operation, to a company with numerous product lines, over 70 employees and the capacity to deliver anything in the world.

Tony Racioppo is still President and CEO of the business. And while John Racioppo retired from the business in 2009, Tony has put together what he believes to be the best operations team in the industry. SDS has added business segments, acquired quality organizations that had the essential synergies necessary to enhance the core business and built up an enterprise with talented people, modern equipment, strategically located properties and state of the art technology.

While the delivery service industry has experienced many changes throughout the years, one thing has remained constant—SDS is on the leading edge of customer service practices. SDS is dedicated to providing their valued customers with the best delivery and logistics service experience possible. And they have staked their name and reputation on one thing—PERSONAL SERVICE!

The SDS Mission
The SDS mission is to bring superior value to its customers by providing a broad range of quality logistics solutions that are cost-effective and trouble-free. The value provided is driven by a skilled and energized team, focused on the customer.

Historical Highlights of SDS:
  • 1943—John J. Racioppo begins servicing his first account in Downtown Manhattan
  • 1962—Anthony J. Racioppo takes over for his brother John
  • 1974—Security Delivery Service, Inc. is incorporated
  • 1976—Tony Racioppo named President of Security Delivery Service, Inc.
  • 1976—John R. Racioppo named COO of Security Delivery Service, Inc.
  • 1982—SDS purchases its first building in Long Island City, NY
  • 1984—SDS purchases its second building in Long Island City, NY
  • 1989—SDS creates its Domestic Logistics Department
  • 1990—SDS creates its International Logistics Department
  • 1999—SDS named Small Business of the Year by the industry
  • 2000—SDS purchases International Mail Distribution
  • 2000—SDS purchases LANE Trucking
  • 2001—SDS purchases its first warehouse in Newark, NJ
  • 2004—SDS purchases its second warehouse in Newark, NJ.
  • 2005—SDS purchases D & I Cargo Express
  • 2006—Security Delivery Service, Inc. is renamed SDS Global Logistics
  • 2008—SDS purchases Global Delivery Systems
  • 2009—SDS acquires D&M Express
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